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Reception New starters 2021

We are delighted that your child has been offered a place to join us in September and we are looking forward to welcoming you to our school. If you have not yet accepted your place, please contact Bristol City Council admissions team on 0117 903 7694 or log into your Parent Portal account.


Pupil Registration and Consent Form

PLEASE COMPLETE IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE SO ALREADY. Our online pupil registration and consent form can be found here. These forms enable us to find out a little bit more about your child and help us to place them in an appropriate class.

Key Dates

We wanted to inform you of the key dates of your children’s transition to Cotham Gardens Primary School.  Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we are unsure as to whether we will be able hold certain events but we will keep you informed, as and when we know more.


Wednesday 23rd 2021

Due to the delay of lockdown restrictions being lifted,  we will unfortunately not be able to invite you into school for the induction evenings on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of June. Instead, we will be holding a zoom call for all classes at 6:30. 
During the induction zoom evening we will discuss your child's start with us at Cotham Gardens Primary school. You will get to "meet" Alex Bell (Head Teacher), Lucy Welsford (Deputy Head Teacher and SENDCO) and your child's class teacher. At the end of the meeting there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions.  
We will send you a zoom link for the induction evening on the 21st of June. 


Wednesday 7th July 2021 (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

We would like to invite all the children to come to school to meet their new teachers and have some fun in their new classroom.  The session will last 45 minutes and will either start at 9.30 or 10.30. We will inform you of the time to attend during the induction evening for your child’s allocated class.  Whilst your child is enjoying themselves in the classroom, parents and carers are invited to come to the school hall to listen to various people talk about our school community, including the PTAF, the breakfast and after-school club and the school governors.  Most children are reassured that their parents are close by while they are in the classroom.


September 2021

This is when we would be offering all families a home visit and children would be starting school part time over a four week period. The first week will involve home visits and some half days in school. The next couple of weeks will entail children attending school half days (not including lunch). The final week, children will attend alternate full days before they are full time. This transition period is highly beneficial for our Reception children transition to school and ensure that all children make the move to Cotham Gardens smoothly and happily. 


Please keep an eye out for any updates for important key dates regarding your child's start to Cotham Gardens Primary School in your emails on on our school website. We will endeavour to keep you up to date with regards to the transition period.

Class Transition Books

Honeybees book

Ladybirds book

Dragonflies book

Transition Timetables

When you received the information about your child's class you will have also been informed that you child is in group A or B during the transition period in September. Please see the links below for the transition timetables.

Group A

Group B

Some Useful Documents

Reception 2021 Welcome pack

Co-operative Parent Presentation  (coming soon)

Governors & Co-operative Forum letter  (coming soon)

The Road to School Poster

Preparing Your Child For Starting School


Should you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to email office@cothamgardens.co.uk or call the main school office on 0117 377 2610. 


Many thanks, 


Alex Bell (Head Teacher)

Louise King (Reception Lead Teacher)