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School Vision Statement

Celebrating Diversity, Learning Together

At Cotham Gardens Primary School we take a caring, creative, and holistic approach to nurturing and educating children.

Our aim is to encourage and inspire all children in our care to be the best they can be. Our collaborative approach to their education encourages them to be responsible, resilient, confident, compassionate, open-minded, and happy citizens of the world.

Governors and staff want the children at Cotham Gardens Primary School to enjoy their school journey, discover their individual strengths and motivations, respect and celebrate each other’s individuality, and develop a lifelong love of learning.

As a co-operative Academy all stakeholders of the school can have a say on strategic decisions via our co-operative forum. The guiding principles for the whole school community stem from our six co-operative values and three basic golden rules.

Co-operative Values

Self-help   …we help everyone to help themselves!

Self-responsibility  …it is up to us to make good choices!

Democracy  …we listen to each other and value what everyone says!

Equality  …we are all given the same chances to do our best!

Equity   …we make sure everyone is treated equally and fairly!

Solidarity – …we stick together!

Golden Rules

Be Kind

Be Responsible

Try Your Best