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Co-operative Academy

Please click here to see the minutes from the Term 2 2021-22 Co-operative Forum meeting 

Please click here to see the minutes from the Term 4 2021-22 Co-operative Forum meeting 

Please click here to see the minutes from the Term 6 2021-22 Co-operative Forum meeting 

Please click here to see the minutes from Term 1 2022-23 Co-operative Forum meeting

Being a Co-operative Academy

Following  consultation Cotham Gardens Primary School converted to being an academy in September 2012.

Although conversion to academy status bought positive change, including vital financial benefits, it was also essential to ensure that the special characteristics of the school were fostered and encouraged, and that local accountability to parents and the community was maintained. Therefore the governors agreed that the best academy model to follow was the  'Co-operative' one. This structure uniquely offered the general advantages of Academy status, whilst enshrining various safeguards for the school and its ethos, and provides a way of strengthening links with the community and beyond.

What is a co-operative Academy?

There are a number of important characteristic of being a Co-operative academy. These include

  • signing up to the Co-operative movement values and principles,
  • encouraging all parents, staff, pupils and members of the local community to become Members, sharing the ‘ownership’ of the school, and
  • holding a consultative Forum, a regular meeting of elected stakeholders to give voice to their views and opinions.

As a Co-operative academy, Cotham Gardens is signed up to the Co-operative movement values and principles. These are our guiding principles, and the Governors believe that they strengthen what it is about Cotham Gardens that makes it so special.

Self-help   …we help everyone to help themselves!

Self-responsibility …it is up to us to make good choices!

Democracy we listen to each other and value what everyone says!

Equality …we are all given the same chances to do our best!

Equity   …we make sure everyone is treated equally and fairly!

Solidarity – …we stick together!

How to get involved

If you are a parent, staff member, former pupil or live or work within one mile of the school you can become a member NOW!

Click here to download the membership form.  Please email the completed form to the school office.

You might also like to consider becoming a member of one of the new governing groups. If you have previously felt that being a Governor was too time consuming, it might be that the Forum is a more useful option (with its 3 meetings a year). Or perhaps you would be happy to attend the annual Members’ meeting and express your views there? Or you might prefer to put yourself up for election to the Governing Body as a parent/carer or community constituent?

The consultation process that led the Governing Body to its decision to become a Co-operative academy was an enlightening one, made productive by the contributions of many parents and other members of the school community. We hope that you will continue to support the school as we strengthen further what makes it a success, and that you will actively participate in managing its exciting future as a Co-operative academy.