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This document has been produced with support from the co-operative forum. The forum aims to enable all stakeholders to have their voices heard on strategic issues and play a part in improving our school. The communications working group included the voices of co-op forum parent and carer reps, office staff, governors, teachers and senior leaders. To find out more about the co-operative forum, visit this page.

At Cotham Gardens Primary School we recognise that communications from school are sometimes overwhelming, repetitive and confusing, especially for new starters or people with multiple children at the school.  We also recognise that some parents wish to receive more information than others.

We have therefore put together a communication grid (see below) which outlines all the communication platforms used by the school and our wider community, for example our PTA

School communication is now, and will always be a work in progress that we are looking to improve.  The communications grid seeks to clarify the current situation in the most comprehensive way possible and will be updated as and when things evolve. We recognise that sometimes you’ll receive the same info twice or more; please understand this is to ensure our messages reach as many people as possible. You may wish to reduce your notification settings on apps such as Classlist and ClassDojo.

The objectives of school communications and our new grid include being consistent, raising engagement by offering feedback channels and making sure everybody is receiving the information they need to be a fully functioning part of our school community.  We also want to ensure that all parents from all sections of our community feel seen and heard.

We welcome the questions, comments and feedback of our parents and carers – the grid will enable you to discover the different ways you can get in touch and if you still have questions don’t hesitate to contact the Office Team, speak to your class teacher or a member the SLT at the gate.