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Maths scheme of work

At Cotham Gardens we use the White Rose Curriculum as our basis for Mathematics teaching and learning. The document below shows the progression of teaching and learning objectives throughout the year groups:

maths scheme of work.pdf



At Cotham Gardens Primary School, we take great pride in delivering a high quality and purposeful Maths curriculum. Children build confidence in their mathematical capabilities through a carefully generated culture of learning through mistakes and promoting a growth mind-set.

Consistent Mathematical pedagogy enables children the opportunity to collaboratively discuss their thought process and explain the reasoning behind their answers, whilst resources are frequently utilised to ensure children are given the best tools to tackle a range of problems.  Combined with the excellent teaching of Maths, we are confident that children at Cotham Gardens Primary School will become confident and inquisitive mathematicians who will be able to apply their Mathematical knowledge within the world around us.


The Mathematical Curriculum at Cotham Gardens Primary School is guided by the White Rose scheme of learning.  This mean that we place a high emphasis on conceptual understanding and children regularly have access to high quality problem solving and reasoning activities which are provided and advocated by White Rose.  Alongside this, children have regular opportunities to utilise practical resources before progressing on to pictorial models and finally solving problems in the abstract form.

The PowerPoints provided by White Rose also provide a strong basis for the input of lessons and teachers are encouraged to adapt the PowerPoints to best suit the needs of their class.

The pedagogical approach of 'I do, we do, you do' is used across the school. This is interwoven with elements of Rosenshine's 10 principles.

Children from Varying Starting Points

Children from lower starting points have frequent opportunities to re-visit content from previous year’s curriculums in order to ‘fill the gaps’ from missed learning. Conversely, children who are secure with an objective will always have the opportunity to deepen their understanding through varied fluency, problem solving and reasoning questions.

The implementation for our ELG can be found here.

Curriculum Recap

Each day, children will access a five-minute curriculum recap. For one week, the children will focus on the same objective. This will allow children the best possible opportunity of becoming secure with the objective.



The implementation of our feedback policy is a key component in ensuring children make excellent progress through the Mathematical curriculum. It enables children who need it to receive relevant and high quality verbal feedback in the vast majority of lessons. Year 1 children receive feedback in their daily guided group. Year 2-6 children will receive feedback in the designated ten-minute verbal feedback session. These ten-minute feedback sessions also promote the use of a growth mind-set to ensure children see mistakes as an opportunity to learn.


times table policy.pdf



As a result of the consistently high Mathematical teaching at Cotham Gardens Primary School, you will see:

·         Children making good progress through careful use of formative and summative assessment

·         Children accessing work that provides sufficient challenge

·         Children representing mathematical concepts in a variety of methods

·         Children talking confidently and accurately about their Mathematical learning

·         Children using a variety of resources to support learning

·         Children understanding the power of making mistakes in their learning


Information for parents and carers

Please find a link to the flipchart and key notes from the calculation evenings from January and February 2023. It covers how we teach the four operations at Cotham Gardens Primary School and corresponding key vocabulary. Please note you will need ActivInspire to open the flipcharts.


Please also find useful resources which correlate with how we teach maths at Cotham Gardens Primary School.

 Maths with Michael: https://whiterosemaths.com/maths-with-michael

 Maths 4 Kids: https://www.youtube.com/c/Maths4Kids