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Welcome to Our Year Group Page.

On here you will find information about what your child will be learning over the next term and couple of weeks.

We hope that you enjoy looking through some of the photographs of what your child has been learning through their play.

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Term 5: The great outdoors

Prime Areas of Learning

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Our PSED focus for this term we will be starting the Jigsaw curriculum.  This terms topic is ‘Healthy me.’

Communication and Language

 The Power of Reading book that we will be exploring this term is called Yucky Worms.  We will discuss things that we know and want to find out about worms. We will also talk about whether we like worms or not and then decide how we feel about worms and place ourselves on a yuckiness scale. 

Physical development

Over the term we will be learning the skills for relay racing.  Usually we would be preparing for our whole school sports day this time of the year.  Instead we will organise a Reception sports afternoon. 

We sent home PE kits at the end of term 4 for a wash.  Please send clean PE kits back in.  The PE kit should contain a plain t-shirt, black or navy shorts/trouser and a pair of dark daps or trainers.  All items must be named and placed in a named bag which can remain in your child's classroom.  PLEASE ENSURE ALL THESE ARE NAMED!!


Specific Areas of Learning


We have completed our learning of the phase 2 and 3 sounds.  All these sounds that we have learnt are on the sound mat in your child's book bag (see image below for reference). 

This term we are consolidating phase 3 & 4, whilst beginning to introduce some new sounds in phase 5.

If you have any questions, please speak to your class teacher.   


The children have been working really hard on their our sentence writing last term. They have really enjoyed using their visual success criteria to identify something that they want to get better at when they do their writing. The aim of the success criteria is to enable children to reflect on their work and plan out their next steps. This gives the children ownership of their learning and a sense of achievement.


      Say the          Robot arms        Phonic             Finger             Capital             Full Stop           Smaller         Connectives

    Sentence                                    Knowledge       Spaces            Letters                                         Letters 


 Our focus this term in numeracy is looking at 10 and beyond.  We will be looking at number patterns and pratcise different ways of making numbers beyond 10 with a variety of practical resources. 

Understanding the World

Through our story Yucky Worms, we will also become Wormologists and create our very own wormology kit. The children will experiment different ways to find the worms that are underground in our garden area. Together in classes we will make our very own womery's so that we can closely watch and observe how the worms move around. 

We will also be busy doing some of our very own growing and experimenting with similarities and differences between what we have grown. We will do a little investigating on what happens when plants don't get one of their basic needs. 

Expressive Arts and Design

 This term we will be doing a big focus on singing.  There are lots of songs that are all about spring and growing and we can't wait to hear those beautiful voices chime away.   We are certain all that lovely singing will carry on home and grown-ups will be singing along in no time!


Home Learning


Just to remind you Tapestry our online learning journals are live.  Please log in and see all the wonderful learning your children have been doing.  We can't wait to see all your comments and observations you have uploaded of the learning your children have been doing out of school. Click the logo below to visit tapestry:


Book Bags

It is very important that each of them have a book bag that comes into school every day.

You will have already received a name writing pack in your child book bag.  From this term you will now also be receiving a book, reading record and tricky word book. 

Reading at home with your child makes a huge difference to the progress they make in learning to read – we really cannot overstate the impact it has. We encourage everyone to read with their child every day.  If you can build time for your child to read to you into your daily routine this is the best way to keep it manageable.  Just 5-15 minutes a day is great – don’t feel you need to finish the book in one sitting – you could read it over several days.


If you have any questions about anything, please come and chat to any of the Early Years team.