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Relationships and Sex Education

Draft RSE Policy

We are currently consulting on our draft Relationships and Sex Education Policy. 

The draft RSE policy is linked here, and a separate FAQs on the policy is available here.

All parents have been sent a survey link and are asked for your feedback on our policy.

We teach Relationships and Sex Education in Terms 5 and 6 (Summer term).

We teach this as part of our PSHE lessons, following 'JIGSAW'.

For more information on how we used Jigsaw to teach PSHE, please see the PSHE page.   

What will my child actually be taught in Sex Education?   

The ‘Changing Me’ unit is taught over a period of 6 weeks in the second half of the summer term. Each year group will be taught appropriate to their age and developmental stage. Please note: at no point will a child be taught something that is inappropriate; and if a question from a child arises and the teacher feels it would be inappropriate to answer, (for example, because of its mature or explicit nature), the child will be encouraged to ask his/her parents or carers at home, and the question will not be answered to the child or class if it is outside the remit of that year group’s programme.   

  • Foundation Growing up: how we have changed since we were babies
  • Year 1 Boys’ and girls’ bodies; naming body parts
  • Year 2 Boys’ and girls’ bodies; body parts and respecting privacy (which parts of the body are private and why this is)
  • Year 3 How babies grow and how boys’ and girls’ bodies change as they grow older
  • Year 4 Internal and external reproductive body parts, body changes in girls and menstruation
  • Year 5 Puberty for boys and girls, and conception
  • Year 6 Puberty for boys and girls and understanding conception to birth of a baby   

All lessons are taught using simple, child-friendly language and pictures, which help children understand changes more effectively. The key concepts that children learn in Jigsaw are inner strength, self-esteem and resilience. These are really important as they help keep children safe and it helps them make healthy decisions later in life. Accurate information is important but only part of the picture: help them now by building their inner resilience, so they become mindful children, mindful teenagers, and mindful adults     

Please see the Parent and Carer guide to Relationships and Sex Education below.   

What should I do if I have a concern regarding SRE lessons?   

Please speak to your child's class teacher in the first instance. They can talk you through each lesson that will be taught so you can feel well informed on what we are going to teach. If you still have any further concerns, please speak to Miss Whittaker (PSHE subject leader/Year 2 teacher) or Mr Bell to discuss this further.