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School Meals

Lunches at Cotham Gardens are provided by Alliance in Partnership (AIP).  

In September 2020 we will introduce a new meal booking system so that meals are ordered in advance.  This will we think both reduce food waste and make ordering meals easier for parents and the school.  Details on this are available here


 To view the latest menu, please click on the link below.

Cotham Gardens Spring/Summer menu 2021


Payment of School Meals

How much do school meals cost?

Currently school meals are priced as follows;

  • 1 day - £2.25
  • 2 days - £4.50
  • 3 days - £6.75
  • 4 days - £9.00
  • 5 days - £11.25

How do I pay for my child’s meals?

From September 2020 we are introducing pre-booked meals, rather than ordering at the food counter.  All meals must therefore be both booked and paid for in advance using the ParentPay system.  

Payment can be made either:

online via parentpay.com
Alternatively payment for meals is welcome a month or term in advance.

What if I miss a payment?

As meals are paid for and booked in advance we are not able to provide a meal to your child where it has not been booked or paid for.  In this case we will rung you to ask you to bring a packed lunch to school for your child.  The school is not obliged to provide food; its duty is to provide education. The option of providing food is a service that parents either pay for or are eligible for free school meals (see below for details).

All historic outstanding arrears should be settled as soon as possible.

Meals are ordered with the kitchen by 09.45 a.m. each day, therefore if a child is sent home for any reason after this time the meal will still need to be paid for.

Free School Meals


For information about Free School Meals (FSM) please see our FSM pages here

Copies of the new menu can be found at both school offices.