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Year 1

Welcome to Year One!

Introducing the Year 1 team...

Starlings: Miranda Dinwoodie, Sally Saunders & Esther Wilcox

NB. Mrs Saunders will not be working in Starlings class anymore from January 2021. She will still be working in the school and pop in to see Starlings when she can.

The new Monday-Wednesday LSA is to be confirmed

Nightingales: Om Hodge, Lucy Milliner

Kingfishers: Emmeline Smith, Manda Davies,  Christina Efthymiou


We are looking forward to a very exciting year in Year 1; on this page you will find some details on upcoming lessons, topics and activities, plus we'll try to keep you updated with what's going on in class!


Please ensure your child has a water bottle and book bag every day so they can be at their best!

Please make sure that your child comes to school dressed in appropriate clothing for whatever weather we are granted that day.

If someone else is picking up your child after school please let the office know about this. If this is going to be a regular occurrence then let the office and your child's class teacher know. They can then note down these adults which will be quicker for you than telling the office each time.


It's really important that children do as much reading as they can!

Ideally, they should be changing their book every day to consolidate phonics learning and progress with their decoding and comprehension.

Here are 3 top tips...

  • Check your child's book bag and reading record every day; there may be important notes or letters and tips or phonics to work on in the reading record.
  • Read with your child. Try to spend about 5-10 minutes daily with your child reading to you. They also benefit from being read to, for example a bedtime story.
  • Make a note in the reading record. This could be a comment or just a tick. Most children will probably be able to finish a book at this level, but a few pages is fine. We'll see how the child is progressing and change their reading book when finished.

Each class has also has a lego challenge tower, which children add a brick to every time they change a book. Every time a child changes a book, the tower grows, and the winning class is announced in Friday assembly! They love it, and it really inspires more reading!

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Dropping off your child

Please drop your child off at the garden gate. Each class has a different time slot so that the class bubbles do not mix. Please ensure that you arrive on time so that the bubbles are not popped.

Water bottles

We are not using the water fountains due to germs being easily spread so please make sure that your child brings a water bottle into school. It is fine to leave them in school for the week and just take them home on Fridays. We will rinse out any that are accidentally forgotten. As a healthy eating school, the rule is just water (not squash or juice).


We would love to spruce up our outdoor area with some new planting.

Please let us know if you have any spare plants to donate and/or would like to help with gardening. We would also love any old saucepans or wooden spoons you may have. These will be used to make a music wall.

Junk Modelling

Year 1 children love junk modelling! We always welcome reusing your old cardboard boxes, toilet roll tubes, plastic bottle lids etc. If you would like to bring in some junk for the children to use, please bring it in on a Friday so that we can quarantine it over the weekend, ready for use on the following Monday.

Tricky word books

This is the little yellow book that should be in their book bag.

There is guidance on the front page which explains how to use the books in year 1. These books are for the children to practice their spelling and reading of their tricky words at home so please encourage them to do this as much as possible. Once they have learnt the set that they are on, they will be given a new set to learn. We do not test the children but during the year they are expected to learn to spell all 11 sets of spellings and use these in their writing. We find that being really familiar with them also helps a lot with their reading fluency. We use lots of games and incentives to try and keep it fun! If your child has completed the tricky words for Year 1, please do be sure to revisit them regularly. You would be surprised how quickly they can be forgotten or written incorrectly in their writing.



This term, we will continue to focus on the basic skills of writing sentences making sure that children are remembering to include capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. We will also be practicing handwriting, making sure that children form their letters in the correct way and that they are written on the line. We have recently introduced conjunctions and will be practicing using these to make our sentences more exciting.


This term we will be keeping up with the White Rose curriculum and revising some of the numeracy skills that the children learnt last year. 

For more information on this, have a look on the White Rose website.



TOPIC: Beside the Seaside

PSHE: Relationships

PE: Throwing and catching

Please ensure your children have white shirt, shorts and appropriate shoes/ trainers for PE. Bring these in at the beginning of the term and they can stay in school during the whole term.

Kingfishers will have P.E on Wednesdays.

Starlings will have P.E on Mondays.

Nightingales will have P.E on Tuesdays.