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Year 2

Welcome back to all of our lovely Year 2 children. We had a great first day and have enjoyed getting to know you all. We have got lots of exciting activities ahead planned. Instead of starting with our usual curriculum, we have adapted our first two weeks to create our new Butterfly Curriculum. This will focus on building positive relationships, working together, becoming familiar with our new school environment and exploring what a perfect school and classroom environment means to us. In addition, we will also be using the ELLI animals to explore a variety of learning approaches such as learning relationships like the Bee, being curious like the Cat, making connections like the Spider, being creative like the Unicorn, not giving up like the Tortoise, adapting like the Chameleon and being aware like the Owl. These skills will form the basis of all our learning as we progress through the term. To give an example of how this approach works in practise, in numeracy on Wednesday, we will be using fun, collaborative games that help to reduce anxiety and encourage teamwork skills.

In Year 2, we really value the importance of reading at home and at school. It is really important for you to read with your child for at least 10 minutes each day if possible. Please can your children bring their book bag in daily and please make a note in your child’s reading record to indicate any home reading. We will be reading individually with your children at least once a week in class and will check their reading recording during this time. There will of course be multiple opportunities throughout the school day for whole class, small group and individual reading.

Whilst it is currently more difficult to talk at drop off and pick up, please remember you are able to contact us via Classdojo or through ringing the office.

We are really looking forward to an exciting and productive term with your children.

Alan Thomson Class Teacher

Emma Whittaker Class Teacher

Holly Ralph Class Teacher

Sam Williams 2R PPA Teacher

Kallia Markaki 2T PPA Teacher

Martina Mackintosh 2W LSA

Katy Morgan 2R LSA

Jacqui Bunney 2T LSA


To support our work on the Victorians, Year 2 will be visiting Tyntesfield on the Wednesday the 29th of Jan. If you would like to help on this trip, please reply via ParentPay.

Welcome to Year 2

Please find below information about the curriculum as well as important diary dates and routines and procedures in year 2.

Useful information

SATS information evening (for parents and carers):

The SATS presentation is available to download below.

Reading Workshop:

We invite you to come in and read to / with your child every Monday morning between 8:50 and 9:10.

Trips and visits:

We will add information about trips here as soon as we are able to confirm them. We know that you appreciate as much prior warning as possible. We welcome parent volunteers to help out on our trips, and will endeavour to make the process a fair one by keeping track of everyone who's come along throughout the year. There will also be opportunities to come in and help with various activities in school, so please do let us know if you'd like to lend a hand!

We will be on PPA (planning, preparation and assessment) time every other Friday. See above for who covers each class.

Updated 6.9.19

Term 3


In literacy, we will be reading two fantastic power of reading books.

The first is A Necklace of Raindrops - a collection of traditional stories with a contemporary edge. For the last two weeks of term we will exploring poetry from June Crebbin's collection of fantastic first poems.

Updated 13.01.20

The reading skills we will focus on are:

  • responding to and discussing a text (asking questions, making comments, making links, giving opinions etc.)
  • scanning the text to retrieve information
  • using inference to answer questions
  • recalling details from the story
  • explaining why we think what we think


This term we are looking at money, measuring, multiplication and division.

Updated 13.01.20

HOME LEARNING opportunities

Over the next day or so, your child will receive a letter relating to their maths homework.

This is not compulsory however some children and parents may find it useful for reinforcing their maths learning.

Each week, a new homework task will appear on your child's account. The new task will either mirror what we are learning in class that week or act as preparation for next weeks work. By submitting answers to the online homework, your child will be able to see immediate feedback about what areas of maths they are working well in, or need to work harder at.

Please remember - this is only for parents or children who would like to do it or feel that it will help with their maths progress.

Whilst we do not set formal home learning in year 2, there are always opportunities to continue the learning at home!

1. READING, READING, READING! We can not stress how important it is that your child practises their reading as often as possible - ideally every day, at least 3 times per week!

2. Can you add up coins and find change up to £1.00?

You could use this website: www.ictgames.com/moneyPage

3. Can you read o'clock and half past times? Now try quarter past and quarter to times!

You could use this website: www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/hickoryDickory

4. Do you know the properties of 2D and 3D shapes?

You could use this website: www.learnalberta.ca/content/me3usa

5. Linking our learning to real life - Can you help with some cooking and measure the weight of the ingredients? Can you help pay for items in a shop by adding the coins? Can you measure how much juice to pour into the cup?

Updated 13.01.20

Curriculum Overview - Term 3


Our topic this term is 'The Victorians'.

We will be studying life as a Victorian child, Queen Victoria, famous inventors and toys from the period. We will be visiting Tyntesfield House and taking part in a workshop comparing the lives of victorian servants and their employers.

Queen Victoria


The children will do one indoor and one outdoor PE session each week. These are different for each class and change each term. Please make sure children have their PE kit in school at all times as these days can change due to bad weather or unforeseen circumstances.


Hall Apparatus

Please make sure the children have the following in their PE bag:

A white t-shirt or polo shirt.
Black shorts or trousers.
Daps or trainers that they can do up themselves.
Long hair should be tied back and earrings removed if possible.

Computing and E-safety

We will be learning how to use the internet safely, coding and learning some word processing skills.


'Targets and Goals




We will be learning some songs related to our topic.

Updated 13.01.20