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Cotham Gardens Primary School

A Co-operative Academy

Please follow this link to be directed to your child's home learning when the school is no longer open.

Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to our Year 5 page. Here you will find aspects of our academic content, homework, websites for learning and useful information such as trips and forthcoming events. We are all looking forward to an awesome year! 

Mr Brett & Miss Young 


Every other Thursday, we'll be on our PPA day out of class for planning, preparation and assessment time. On these days the following people will teach in each class:

5B = Mr Williams

5Y = Mr Beasley Suffolk


Learning support in Year 5

Miss Weiss supports the year group during the mornings and will  spend time in both classes throughout the week. 

Mrs Ward also works with some of the children in Year 5.



Term 1: Camp at Dean Fields Study Centre - Wednesday 18th September to Friday 20th September

Term 2: Cinema to watch Missing Link - Thursday 14th November

                  Mojo Active - Friday 22nd November 

Term 3:  

Term 4: Slimbridge - 31st March

Term 5:  

Term 6: 



You are invited to come and watch your child's assembly. Due to the increasing number of classes in school, there will only be one assembly per year now. 

5B - Thursday 7th May 2020 at 3pm

5Y - Thursday 14th May 2020 at 3pm 


 Every week we set some maths tasks and some spellings. Every term we provide a topic wall of suggested tasks that could be handed in throughout the term. Homework is statutory in KS2 and so it's important that the children complete their tasks whenever they can with a view to being ready for secondary school. Maths homework is set on the MyMaths website. This can be accessed on PCs and tablets. Please do ask either Mr Brett or Miss Young if you have forgotten your login! The spellings and topic wall are handed out on paper but are also saved further down this page. 

(Updated 7/2/20)

Literacy and Maths


This term our text is called The Journey by Francesca Sanna, which is yet another beautifully illustrated book, this time a work of fiction based on the experiences of people,  who have to leave their countries as a result of war. We will be continuing our work on writing cohesive paragraphs, extending our use of conjunctions and expanded noun phrase. We will also be thinking carefully about our choice of language for effect.

It links directly to our Journeys topic.

SPELLINGS are still given out weekly and contain a mixture of common exception words and year 5 spelling programme words. Please find a copy of the words that year 5/6 children should read and spell below. 

READING should happen daily! Please ensure that your child has a reading book, is reading at home and can share what they're reading with you. It's so important that the children are supported to become life-long readers. 

HANDWRITING in year 5 is usually joined and fluent. We ask the children to present their work neatly and to take pride in their work and how it's presented. The children write in blue ink pen and edit in pencil. For maths, they record in pencil so that rubbers can be used if needed!   



Addition, subtraction and applied mathematics are our current focuses. 

Pupils should be taught to: 

  • add and subtract whole numbers with more than 4 digits, including using formal written methods (columnar addition and subtraction)
  • add and subtract numbers mentally with increasingly large numbers
  • use rounding to check answers to calculations and determine, in the context of a problem, levels of accuracy 
  • solve addition and subtraction multi-step problems in contexts, deciding which operations and methods to use and why.
  • .

These will be covered over the course of the whole year!

Home Learning


My Maths - at least one online task will be set per week. Please talk to Mr Brett or Miss Young if you need your login details again! If you have any trouble logging in or completing the tasks, please let your teacher know ASAP! 

Every Friday, new tasks will be set and should be completed by the following Thursday evening. The questions and challenges will reinforce learning that has taken place during the previous week.

If your child is not yet fluent on the recall of their times tables, please could you ensure that regular practice of them is taking place at home. You can also help your child by reading the time regularly on an analogue and digital clock, and using money to pay for things in real life.


A topic/literacy home-learning wall will be issued at the start of each new topic. This contains a selection of activities to try over the term. You do NOT need to complete them all. Try to produce one for each of the hand in dates. This term:









Keep those Reading Records up and running! As you move through each book you could:

  • comment on your thoughts after each chapter 
  • summarise what you've read that time
  • rate the text e.g. how many stars would you give it? 
  • write a recommendation for someone else
  • record the page number you've got to to save the spine of your book!  


Spelling word lists will be sent home every Friday and should be learnt using the Look, Say, Cover, Write spelling strategy as part of home learning. The children will be tested on these words the following Friday. Please encourage your child to practice the words on a daily basis as this is proven to help children retain spellings in the long term.


UPDATED: 11/11/19

Converting document.

Curriculum Overview



Our INCREDIBLE JOURNEYS topic sees us learning about the historical reasons that impel people to leave their homes. Chiefly, this will focus on the circumstances that require people seek refuge in other countries. We'll be looking into the human experience of becoming a refugee, as well as learning about key places, figures and dates. We'll research using primary and secondary sources of information, and would be very interested to hear from the similar experiences of people in our own school community. If you have a story to share, please do get in touch with Mr Brett or Miss Young.. 




Benchball (5Y) and Fitness and Stamina (5B) (Indoor) and Handball (Outdoor). You may want to bring a tracksuit and gloves as well as your coat for outdoor PE as the weather gets colder!


This term we'll learn a couple of songs about journeys.


This term we shall start to improve our typing skills, so that we can search for and present information quicker!  

Art and design:

As a follow-on from last term, we will have a go at building a moving model of the Endurance, James Caird or Yelcho using cams and gears.


Christianity - We'll be looking into 


Healthy Me - this unit focuses on making healthy choices as we grow up. We will be discussing alcohol and smoking, as well as thinking about what constitutes a good diet and active lifestyle.


Last term we agreed upon the rules of The acceptable Use Agreement. This means we will use the internet and technological devices safely in school if we choose to follow the rules. This term we'll learn about the value of passwords and how we can create and use safe ones. 


French - Scene de plage

Updated 13/2/20




Here are some songs for you to enjoy.

1) Dinosaur by 5B -

This song tells the tale of a child who wants more than anything to invite their friend, Dinosaur, to their birthday party. Frustratingly, Dinosaur keeps coming up with excuses. Listen out for different theories to explain the extinction of the dinosaurs.

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