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Cotham Gardens Primary School

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Year 5 Daily Home Learning 


We hope you are all well today. We wanted to let you about a new feature we have on our school website called Whisper. As you know, if you ever have a worry it’s always good to talk to a parent or other trusted adult. Sometimes that might mean you want to let someone in school know about your worry. If you’ve seen something upsetting or something unkind has  been said to you online or you have any other kind of worry you can click on this link to our e-safety page where you should follow the link shown below to report your worry. Your worry will be sent anonymously to a very small group of adults (our safeguarding team). You do not have to give your real name (unless you want to) and Whisper won’t show your e-mail address or mobile phone number to the person reading about your worry either. If you want to, you will be able to carry on the conversation online, again without having to reveal your e-mail address or mobile phone number.

If you would like further assistance in aiding your child's home learning, please click this link where you can find information about 'StarLine'.

Home Learning


(Spellings are further down the page! This term, do have a really good go at the Common Exception Words that are relevant to you currently. Learn what they mean and how to spell them.)

Monday 13th July: CLICK HERE

Tuesday 14th July: CLICK HERE

Wednesday 15th July: CLICK HERE

Thursday 16th July: CLICK HERE

Friday 17th July: CLICK HERE





Monday 6th July - Friday 10th July: CLICK HERE

Monday 29th June - Friday 3rd July: CLICK HERE        

Monday 22nd June: CLICK HERE   Tuesday 23rd June: CLICK HERE

                      Wednesday 24th June: CLICK HERE   Thursday 25th June: CLICK HERE

                    Friday 26th June: CLICK HERE               Resources: CLICK HERE

                                          Monday 15th - Friday 19th June: CLICK HERE


                               Monday 8th June: CLICK HERE            Tuesday 9th June: CLICK HERE  

                         Wednesday 10th June: CLICK HERE       Thursday 11th June: CLICK HERE  

                                                               Friday 12th June: CLICK HERE


Monday 1st June: CLICK HERE        Tuesday 2nd June: CLICK HERE  

Wednesday 3rd June: CLICK HERE       Thursday 4th June: CLICK HERE 

Friday 5th June: CLICK HERE 


Monday 18th May: CLICK HERE       Tuesday 19th May: CLICK HERE  

Wednesday 20th May: CLICK HERE       Thursday 21st May: CLICK HERE  

Friday 22nd May: CLICK HERE  

Monday 11th May: CLICK HERE      Tuesday 12th May: CLICK HERE      

Wednesday 13th May: CLICK HERE      Thursday 14th May: CLICK HERE 

Friday 15th May: CLICK HERE 

Monday 4th May: CLICK HERE      Tuesday 5th May: CLICK HERE      

Wednesday 6th May: CLICK HERE      Thursday 7th May: CLICK HERE 

Monday 27th April: CLICK HERE       Tuesday 28th April: CLICK HERE      

Wednesday 29th April: CLICK HERE      Thursday 30th April: CLICK HERE      

Friday 1st May: CLICK HERE 

Monday 20th April:  CLICK HERE      Tuesday 21st April: CLICK HERE     

Wednesday 22nd April: CLICK HERE      Thursday 23rd April: CLICK HERE      

Friday 24th April: CLICK HERE 


Monday 30th March: CLICK HERE     Tuesday 31st March: CLICK HERE      

Wednesday 1st April: CLICK HERE      Thursday 2nd April: CLICK HERE      

Friday 3rd April: CLICK HERE  

Monday 23rd March: CLICK HERE       Tuesday 24th March: CLICK HERE       

Wednesday 25th March:  CLICK HERE       Thursday 26th March: CLICK HERE       

Friday 27th March: CLICK HERE



Here are the specific spellings alongside the Common Exception Words and some spelling strategies to make learning the words more interesting! 

 Current Spellings 

Previous Spellings

Set 1 - ough       

Set 2 - silent letters      

Set 3 - able / ible      

Set 4 - homophones

Set 5 - ei / ie

Spelling Strategies  

Common Exception Words Year 1-6  

There are dyslexia friendly version of the Common Exception Words included! 

Important News and Updates

BBC Bitesize and Oak National Academy are also brilliant resources to aid your child's home learning. Please click on the logos below to be directed to their sites.

NHS Song Information

Thanks to Mr Millington, Mr Thomson and Mr Brett, please use the following links to find out more information about to our school song thanking the NHS for all of their efforts as well as how the children can sing along to the lyrics!

Parent Letter



Have you signed up to ClassDojo? Parents - check your emails and connect with your class!

Holiday letters from your teachers

Letter for 5B: Click here  

Letter for 5Y: Click here 

We have loved seeing your pictures and messages that have been sent through our dedicated home learning email address: 

You can see them all here: Our Amazing Achievements at Home