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Cotham Gardens Primary School

A Co-operative Academy

Our Amazing Achievements at Home

Whilst at home, we are sure that the children of Cotham Gardens will be busy mastering  new skills! We would love to broadcast these achievements on this page. Whether it be painting their room, cooking a new meal, doing a new trick on a yoyo, (the list is endless!) we want to know about it. Please e-mail the pictures and a brief description of the achievement and we will display it.  Thanks for your support in these testing circumstances.

Week beginning 22nd June

Ravi looking at his 3D space book for this week’s topic.

 Elijah has been busy at home. He has created this story about " big boy ".

Week beginning 8th June

Edie from 4A made vegan chicken noodle soup for her family for lunch- it’s delicious!

Ahmed was practicing his maths.

Friday 5th June

Wednesday 3rd June

Sagnik has made paper pirate hat and  a paper boat that is with his daddy's help. He has drawn a copy of  Sayeeda!

Sabri's inauguration of term 6!

Monday 1st June

Alice.S (4A) and her brother Oscar have completed their personal challenges for May.
5k Monster Dash and a Superhero 10K run. To be honest they have completed much further distances in March, April and May but these are the two I signed them up for.

Ahmed made then umber 15 using a colours pen with help off his dad! 

Ava-Leigh has made a dinosaur with her connect sand.

Ethan (2R) and Adam (6JD) have successfully reared 5 froglets and today we helped them leave home to explore pond life!

Thursday 21st May

Ali with his poster.

From Mate, 4A, and his family.

Tuesday 19th May

Monty and his little brother had fun making a big nest out of grass cuttings, twigs and sticks. They had fun collecting all the materials in the park and arranging them in the sunshine.

For Oliver’s PE last Friday we decided to make the most of a little more freedom and did the Cheddar Gorge walk - 4 beautiful but hilly miles and we spotted some mountain goats along the way!

Evie has been learning to paint and mix watercolours. 

Monday 18th May

Alice (4A) finally collected her Birthday present! 4 mice. Marshmallow, Speedy, Flash and Oscar. 

Alice Seldon (4A) helped decorate the house, bake cakes for an afternoon tea and created medals and art work. She even had a visit from an ice cream van. 

Ahmed made floating jellyfish today with my help,.

Friday 15th May

Enzo and his mummy went to Portishead to catch some crabs! They caught 10!

Ava-Leigh has been doing her learning about water animals- here is some from her book!

Thursday 14th May

Here’s some photos of what Chloe and Sam have been up to recently:

Scooter orienteering to learn some navigation skills and magic with magnets.

My favourite new colleague worked hard every day for weeks to make this delicious meal!

Blender tutorial for beginners (30-60 minutes / day):

Ahmed did tricky words today.

Edie from 4A had a go at driving a mini digger with her Dad. She loved it!

Tuesday 12th May

Marianna doing very well with the Multiplication Times Table and growing her strawberry plants.

Monday 11th May

Here's what we've been up to recently!

Ahmed and his dad drew a sea turtle together!

Thursday 7th May

Finn, 6JD, designed a hedgehog house on SketchUp.

Olivia (4H) has been busy yesterday, inspired by Professor Plum, trying to create some special, innovative potions… Research's on-going…

Wednesday 6th May

Here our Sagnik's achievements at home in the attachment.

Ahmed did a matching activity today.

What a lovely walk!

Reuben's, 4B, drawing for the Time Capsule Project.

Maud has been reading, exercising with puppy, designed a mask, drawing some sweets.

Cinco de Mayo did some face painting and is learning to mix watercolours.

Tuesday 5th June

Today, Elijah and his sister helped colour in our window VE decorations. 

Ahmed practising his reading!

PiP made nettle crisps. We used marmite but it was a bit sticky so dash of soy sauce is better. It tasted like seaweed, but more fury though. It was fun to do.

Monday 4th May

Alice  and her brother had great fun on Monday celebrating Star Wars Day.

Alice (4A) was challenged to design and make plastic bag outfits. She even added the rainbow to show her support for key workers.

Ahmed made paperboat with help of his dad .

Some photos of what Reda (3R) has been up to last Friday and on the weekends

Friday 1st May

Ava-Leigh is learning her coins and which ones add up to 11 here is a photo of the 4 different ways that add up to 11! 

Sabry (5Y) shares his short facts on plants he created in a booklet .

Travis would like to show off his lovely ‘Poop emoji’ cupcakes we made together - Mostly made by Travis and decorated by Travis! And here is Travis with his amazing Lego fairground he made all by himself!

Ava-Leigh learnt some interesting fact about a octopus and here is her drawing of it.

Thursday 30th April

Jaden has been doing some great learning!

Oliver in 2R enjoyed today’s minibeast poster challenge! He did some research about why insects are useful on the internet and then followed some YouTube tutorials to draw some insects. Thanks for the fun home learning :)

Ahmed is listening and singing the under sea song.

Mai from ladybirds painted this clownfish alone, we thought it was really lovely!

Wednesday 29th April

Here is Nessy and Arty's song. Nessy played two note chords on strings and synth pads and sung her words for the 2nd verse.  Arty played the bass line and sung his lyrics for verse 1.

Tuesday  28th April

Ibrahim's brilliant maths!

Reuben helped his mamma making profiteroles. And practising his cycling skills.

Oi Jane! By Ethan Darley (with a little bit of help)

“Oi Jane! Play a game!” said Billy.

“But why do you want me to play a game?” asked Jane.

“It’s INSET Day,” said Billy. “Everyone plays a game on INSET day.”

“Dennis plays Tennis, Otto plays Lotto, and Evie watches TV.”

“What does Ibi play?” asked Jane.

“Ibi plays Frisbee,” explained Billy. 

“Ibi plays Frisbee, Dominic plays Dominoes, Cleo watches Rio, and Ben builds a Den.”

“What do Pearl and Serine play with?”

“Pearl and Serine play with a Bubble Machine.  Freddie plays with a Teddy, And Holly plays with a Dolly.”

“Wow, that’s sounds fun!”

“It is. Some children even dress up!”

“Arthur dresses up as an Archer, Martin dresses up as Tintin, and Oliver Simons dresses up as a Fireman.”

“It certainly sounds like a lot of fun!” said Jane.

“INSET Day IS a lot of fun!“ said Billy. “It’s even as fun as School!”

“What do you like playing Billy?”

“I like being Silly!” replied Billy.

“Genius!” exclaimed Jane.   

A few bits from last week for Elijah 3R. He’s been doing his maths everyday too and doing well with fractions and adding.  We also did loads of learning about Komodo dragons and St George and the history of the legend. We also learnt about the urban foxes and Elijah coloured in a picture of a fox holding a rabbit in his mouth that mummy drew. 

Monday 27th April

Rui did baked some cakes for his maths and then wrote about a hero and as we are reading this ‘Boys who dare to different’ book he wrote about Alan Turing. We have also made Thor’s weapons too, which times nicely with the superhero topic.  It was Rui’s birthday on 3rd April so some pics of his day.
Maya wrote a great poem today in about 5mins so was obviously enjoying writing it about The Simpson’s and also last week helping out in the house lots too.

#1 pic - myahs writing homework of her favourite present
#2 pic - Ché completing his maths homework today learning all about halving numbers. 
#3 Myah (a day in the life of her doll) doing a fantastic job looking after her dolls 

Enzo has been really busy creating a vegetable garden, catching newts and baking.

Today Ava-Leigh had a Birthday Party For Mia her doll and her little Friends 

Here are a couple of Louis’ culinary achievements over recent weeks. The top picture is of his cinammon buns and the bottom is of his triple layered Red Velvet Cake. Yum!

Today Ahmed made his present with my help.

Ava-Leighs drawing of her best presents! Her barbie Airplane and her Generation doll Mia!

Oliver really enjoyed today’s minibeast hunt. Amazing to learn how much lives in our garden - beetles, a caterpillar and a millipede, as well as all the usual suspects of ants, spiders and woodlouse.

A video of staying active at home!

Celia (Nightingales)
“I had a go on a sewing machine and even managed to thread the needle! Then I made two wristbands.”

Niamh has made some cheese and bacon muffins- we increased the amount in the recipe by 50% so tested our maths!

Joseph has written a limerick about captain Tom Moore. 

A few shots of niamh's snack shop, Toby's poem about home, and Dominic's superhero character and postcard.

Here are some pictures of what Xavi (6B) and Salvador (4H) were up to last week.

Xavi’s thank you poster and flapjack and Salvador’s menu in French (written entirely without any help) and all of the books he’s read since school closed.

Here's Evelyn's Jesus poster!

Ingrid read “we’re going on a bear hunt” to her brother and sister.

Long grass...swishy swashy

A deep cold river...splash splosh

Thick oozy mud...squelch squerch

A swirling whirling snowstorm...hoooo woooo

A dark forest...stumble trip

A narrow gloomy cave...tip toe

WHAT’S THAT? One shiny wet nose, two furry’s a bear!

Chloe and Sam have been making a watermelon juice dispenser, been to forest school as well as some chemistry. Keep it up!

Friday 24th April

Here's Maud's (4B) water cycle experiment... and some of the other things she's been up to, including meeting an alien, painting a mask, lockdown exercise on the Downs.

Mate (4A) has started to learn Blender and made a perfect 3D donut with sprinkles on the top. (It looks so delicious that I can't wait to cook one when the flour is not as precious as gold...)
Why don't you have a go?

Nils found a caterpillar this week, named him Green Collins the Caterpillar and made a cosy little home for it (including a duvet, pictures on the wall, and a miniature copy of a very hungry caterpillar). Nils also made a mummy and a sarcophagus with 'dead people' written on the side in hieroglyphics. Nils drew a picture of himself and labelled various body parts. A rather gruesome week! ;)

1. Make a reading den
2. Read a few chapters of your book
3. Choose a character you’d like to interview
4. Think up at least 5 Qs for your character and write them out
5. Imagine you are said character and write up the answers
6. Design and draft a newspaper page featuring your exclusive interview
Chosen book: Ratburger by David Williams
Chosen character: Armitage the rat!
Nice work today from Ned!

Cocktail time!

George (4H)

Oresti from 4H and Alesio from Nightingales.

Ahmed practicing his reading today.

Freya (Nightingales) enjoyed learning about grouping using counters and drew a poster using primary colours.

Every day we have a new word and animal of of the day which they spend researching and drawing. Yesterday they learnt about Koalas and drew one wearing a party hat!

Freya is continuing with her weekly piano lessons via zoom. Here she is practicing.

Thursday 23rd April

Francis, in 2R, doing his obstacle course!

Waleed in 4B got all his math work correct. He also wrote a nonsense poem!

Reem draw a picture of her own fruit shop and she will make her own shop and start selling fruit.(HB)

Ahmed drew a shopping bag today!

Wednesday 22nd April

Eva (6A) loved the jelly fish craft.

Eric (Starlings) is proud of his Primary Colours poster.

Thanks for the fab picture of the Octopus. RT wrote a brilliant poem attached below. All completely his work.

Sanzio has enjoyed making a teepee in the sunshine for his collection of toy penguins. 

Oliver very much enjoyed the Superhero Cape Investigation today. We found that a blanket made the best cape in our experiment, despite even having a real superhero cape that we were sure would be the best.  Thanks for the fun piece of home learning.

Here are Jibriil (5B) and Jamila's (4B) poems as part of this weeks homework.

Young Leo has made a book of his drawings. He has been drawing like mad so we scanned them into the computer and made a book using (printerpix).

Another great diary entry from Miada in Year 6!

A small selection of mainly Teagin Cox (nightingales) and some of Hendricks Cox (4B). Tig built his own lockdown house... Tea Cottage. He hangs out in it to read quite a lot. They have been cooking dinner together,  following a recipe book. They created some rock drawings for the garden. Helped daddy 'fix' our own garden. He made them use tools & solve lots of maths questions. Drawing challenges. Are creating a lockdown scrapbook/diary 

Ahmed was doing drawing and practicing writing his name!

Rowan made a jellyfish in a bottle as part of his home schooling. He's very proud of it. 

Maud learns how to do light painting using bicycle lights... 

Leo, in year 1, really loved the mixed story this week! 

Tuesday 21st April

What a brilliant array of learning!

Angela's piano achievements: Mariage D'amour
Thanks to all the NHS workers and all the key workers for  doing such an amazing job!

Sabri (5Y) had fun learning some French vocabulary today and achieving maths tasks as well .

Reda (3R) working out his subtractions and having a go on his spelling task!

This is my foreign language thank you poster for all the bin men working hard to keep us safe. I  have worked very hard on it. From Evelyn, 6JD.

Edie (year one, Nightingales) has had a long wait for the paddling pool to arrive so when it did we had to find a way to learn a bit before filling it up! ‘Please can you send a photo of my paddling pool rules poster to Mr Hodge and Miss E’, said Edie!

Edie's flapjacks and thank you poster to our key workers!

Great to see children practicing their sounds!

Ibrahim's fraction work!

Maida's diary entry!

Saturday I went to buy sweets and while I was walking back I found a dog tag in the park. I later found out that it had a phone number on it so I contacted them. 
They texted saying when they could pick it up? We said anytime and I put it outside our house near the front door.
The next day we found a text saying thank you so much and we left you a gift outside. I went to check what it was and it was a bottle of wine.
So I replied saying "I am so glad I picked it up. My mum and dad say thank you for the wine".
They replied " Really appreciate it. It means so much to me and the dog. The name tag was chosen by my late partner who passed away last year. I am so happy you picked it up too. Take care be safe and well"
I am very proud of what I did and glad that I found it.
Joe 6B

Ingrid made a bow and arrow!

Monday 20th April

Sabri's home learning exploration ! (5Y )

Jazmin made my day with her story , Popular Potatos ( using words on her spelling list ) 

This is Dot’s postcard from 2T!

Otto's postcard from 2R!

Will, 4B, is very proud of his water cycle research!

A brilliant weather report by Ava-Leigh

Ibrahim's writing and Rayan's doubling!

Isla (year 1) has been rather busy. She has been busy learning lots of new skills including playing chess, using a computer, gardening. Isla also wrote a poem and typed it up herself and then sent it into Blue Peter and was awarded a Blue Peter badge. (There’s several to apply for and can be done online)

Sophie learnt the basics of a computer painting program called ‘Painter' over the Easter holidays - and drew this amazing character inspired by her favourite Nintendo game ‘Zelda’.

Ava Leigh has been busy this easier making elephants out of recycled milk bottles. Also in the garden helping mummy plant some flowers, we found some worms and Ava-Leigh informed me the worms poo helps the flowers grow

Edie from 4A learnt how to make a cup of tea today. Then she made her mum and dad one each, they were very nice! 

Friday 17th April

Wow, Ethan (2R) made a working table football, all by himself! His own idea, his own design, and his own hard work. It works a treat - I can vouch he thrashed Mum on it! Twice!!  


Adam (6JD) and Ethan (2R) also between them wrote several rounds of questions for the neighbourhood quiz we ran over the Easter holidays - one round on animals, one on Roald Dahl stories, and one on joke punchlines.They took turns at playing the role of quizmaster perfectly for 12 teams of adults! The questions were well written and well balanced in terms of level of difficulty. And, ssshhh, secretly they learned lots in the process!

Edie Sells from 4A and her sister made a fairy garden.

Here is Minnie and Freya's fab home learning!

Amorise from 6JD used her free time to make mac and cheese she said it was very yummy

Clara and little brother Rory have been having fun making papier-mâché easter egg piñatas (and bashing them open!), hard-boiling and painting real eggs then rolling them down cardboard slopes at various angles and speeds, pressing Spring flowers to make cards for friends and family, distilling perfume, learning about synonyms and squeezing some maths into a garden scavenger hunt. 

Heidi made this Easter cake!

Friday 3rd April

Leo made science pancakes s morning with green food colouring ! 

Jamie is learning to touch type and has lots of Lego ideas - and we’re trying to write five sentences every day.

On Frying 3rd of April, Edward from 3LC make a lovely house as part of his home school work, the house he made was based on Arrietty’s aventures (the borrower), and he name it as: Arrietty’s blue house!! We are very happy to share it with all of you.

Samir and Malik enjoying drawing an orangutan! 

Edie Sells from 4A planted lots of seedlings, she organised it all and did it by herself.

Oliver Curzola - Holder has made a garden in a plate.

Coco and Zayn have been making and learning about volcanoes!

Here are a couple of pictures of Lily and Cora - we've been enjoying getting out into the spring woods, learning to light a fire and making delicious cinnamon buns (with the help of a friendly bear).

This week Leo has been sewing - we sewed snakes and caterpillars.

Aneri learning how to roll chapati and she did it! We are very proud.

Evelyn 6JD would like everyone to admire the den she made this week, which was big enough to house her and her brothers for several hours!

Today Sadie 6A finished her rainbow for our window inspired by the clapping for the NHS at 8pm on Thursday evenings. She worked really hard alongside the other tasks that have been set online from the wonderful teachers at Cotham Gardens.

Loius from 4A made this amazing movie trailer!

Monty (2W) has been practicing his balancing skills with an obstacle course in the garden.

Almost finished making a planter. Will is thinking of getting a builders belt and has taken to swigging builders tea whilst Fred has been making smoothies!  

I have been so impressed with Khayri's writing this week, especially his starter sentence work - they have been so imaginative. His biography of his step-sister today was also lovely.

Marianna busy in the kitchen with chocolate fairy cakes. The Tiger Who Came To Tea was very happy with these!!!

Elijah's writing from 3R!

Maud learnt how to safely use a sewing machine, carefully supervised by her Mum.

Lena made so much delicious food this week! Fruit Kebabs, Mexican Chocolate Cake, Guacamole and, currently in progress, Banana Bread. Can’t wait to see what we’re having next week. She and Talia also made “feelings charts” to keep track of their feelings every day. She’s also doing lots of reading, learning the Hebrew alphabet and playing ball in the garden.

Timmy's piano achievements! 

Finn's, 6JD, rather impressive picture of an avacado!

Alice Noble (4A) and her dog Tilly both got certificates this week. They've both learned new things and tried really hard.

A message and photo from Miles Meacham, 3M.
It was my Mum’s birthday this week so I made her a lovely cake, I decorated it with sweets. It was yummy! I made her a pikachu birthday card too. I’ve been enjoying playing in the garden with my little brother on our trampoline and doing some gardening too. 

As well as doing his daily school work Ben C ( 6B) has been doing a wider curriculum including experiments from an old chemistry set we found. This week it was making crystals from copper sulphate.

Thursday 2nd April

Nils has been very busy again this week. He learned to knit, made some amazing drawings, wrote a poem, and learned more words in Dutch. He had real fun making the jungle animals from toilet rolls.  

Toby has been reading The Explorers and answering questions on the book, as well as doing squats with Dominic.

Dominic has written a Kennings poem, drawn the bear picture, and written his list of 10 things from home. Unsurprisingly (if you know Dominic that is) the list is of 10 football cards!

Niamh made a Captain America mask, and wrote a letter to her Granny and her Auntie Paula.

Toby's Playscript from 5B:



Cast: Eric\ Bananaman, Mum, Eric’s friend Ed, Robber Bob, Police

Mum: (shouting) WAKE UP!

Eric: (yawning) Huh?

Mum: It’s ten O’Clock. You’ve got to leave in ten minutes to get to your football match.

Eric: (getting out of bed) That’s today?

Mum: (sounding drained) Yes!

(Eric now looking in his drawer to find clothes and getting dressed really quickly.)

Mum: Brush your teeth and wash your face! And go to the toilet!

(Doorbell goes.)

Eric: Just a sec!

(Eric just grabbing his shoes and a snack.)

Ed: (Shouting through the letterbox.) Eric we don’t have all day! The match starts at half ten but we need to get there early to find our seats. We don’t want to miss Man City score because they’re against Bristol City.

(Eric unlocks the door)

Eric: keep your hair on!

Ed: (sarcastically) Ok Ok. Never mind!

(Mum drives them to the stadium and they race into their seats before kick-off. Then Eric sees a robber trying to steal the trophy and medals.)

Eric: Mum, can I go to the toilet?

Mum: Yes but be quick.

(Eric runs off. He finds some change in his pocket and buys a banana, eats it and then he turns into Bananaman. Then he flies after the robber.)

Bananaman: Halt there, you evil villain. (Throws a banana boomerang)

Robber Bob: (Falling over and rubbing his head, yells.) Ow!

(Bananaman brings Robber Bob to the police and he returns the trophy and medals to where they should be. He eats another banana and turns back into Eric. He races back to his seat.)

Mum: what took you so long Eric?

Eric: Nothing just looking at Bananaman save the day.

Edie (year one) went scrambling in the forest which was a great physical work out with the bonus of finding wild garlic next to the stream in the valley!
The plan is to cook it up when home school is ‘out’ for Easter!

Joshua in 2W has been making cookies today. He tried different flavours. Joshua's favourite was mint so to make mint chocolate chip cookies. Yesterday Josh helped make his lunch and washed up as well. 

Rudra learnt to write sentences from the picture and is practicing his number tables. 

Please find attached Annabel's poem and bear picture. She really enjoyed doing this task! 

And here is the health at home poster that Sophie worked in the other day. She is particularly enjoying the pull-ups she is doing at the end of her bed!

Elijah has been working on his Covid-19 diary and doing cosmic kids yoga with his sister. 

This is the beautiful art work Leo and Wyatt from kingfishers done after reading “the cautious caterpillar” and did some excellent writing about their books they read.

Abdiaziiz did some work on the poem 'beware'.

Today Victor (6B) did The Great British Bake Off  technical challenge baking Viennese Swirls in 45 minutes with no help. He had to improvise a little as we didn't have all the ingredients and no piping bag, but they still ended up being delicious. Victor has also been keeping active with PE with Joe Wicks in the mornings and playing swingball in the garden. 

Over the last week or so, Oliver has been working on an arts project to make a giant poster about all the things that help us grow our brains. He’s also enjoyed learning about sharks and having fun with more google 3D pics! He also enjoyed the dissolving experiment.

Reem made her special superhero mask (bat girl) with my support, and she likes it!

Eric (Starlings) has done the homeschool work every day. He loves all the online tools, but also sits to work on the other projects.

In Year 6, Maida has produced an amazing balanced argument and some high quality maths!

Here is a free verse poem Sophie wrote about life at home.

Wednesday 1st April

Last week, Lila made pizza dough all by herself by following a recipe. Lila and Lucas used this dough to make amazing pizza! Lila also learnt to make caramel.

Khadijah playing detective!

Lila, 5Y, has been learning about calligraphy and Lucas ,2T, enjoyed writing his kennings poem about football.

Mate made a healthy and really delicious dessert with fruits which contains a Fairtrade banana covered with Fairtrade chocolate!

Today Ava-Leigh wrote a letter to her friend Ezra and we posted in the letter box.

Seth (5Y) has made a poster to put on our front door, to thank all the delivery people who come.

Ava-Leigh was helping me cook some spag bowl for dinner it’s was lovely!

After great reluctance to even read todays poem about the bear, Finlay went on to draw this bear inspired picture. Plus he then wrote his own poem in the style of the bear poem about his pet gerbil called Sparky!

Tierra has enjoyed reading and writing a book review

Unclear who the foreman is, Fred and Will are taking their work seriously making planters for their veg seeds. 

From Ezeekiel, 2T: This is my work after I read the poem by James Carter. Please find attached my drawing of the description on the story

This morning Tierra & her brother enjoyed decorating gingerbread men, as you can see Rio has started eating the arms....

Matthew, 5Y, has been drawing characters from Asterix every day.

Ahmed is practicing his sounds today.

We have worked on a project with Vihaan ( class 2W) to help him understand whats going on around the world with current COVID19 crisis. Here is his poster.

Today Chloe and Sam have been learning about distance, time and speed in maths.And the planets of the solar system in science.

Tarrin year 4A has been learning about the Mariana Trench. We have been putting a poster together.
Key learning:
Doing things in rough before committing to final revision.
Looking at various data sources from the internet and taking an average of the readings.
Using scales to show the real proportions. Calculating each value.
Pressure and depth relationship.
Using comma separator for thousands.
Different fauna at different depths.
A bit of history and geography.
Tomorrow a bit of writing.

Tuesday 31st March

Boredom leads to great ideas... Mate is working hard on a new chess rule idea even mum would want to play with! :)

Sulaiman's chocolate cupcakes!

Waleed’s home baking and drawing (4B)

Reem has been making cookies!

Elijah and his dad decided to make a pie for our dinner. It was a beef pie and extremely yummy. He's also been working on his literacy!

Oliver has been working hard so far this week. On top of his reading and maths, he’s chosen to learn all about turtles and enjoyed playing with the google 3D animals. This pic with a turtle swimming above his bed is his favourite. He’s also enjoyed baking a marble cake which is delicious, and cracking a secret coded message from Billy.

Farmer Will ensuring his hens are fed. 

Armin made this on the weekend (I can`t believe it!) I helped him  with the graphics. He had to do the coding (everything).The game is simple but it has so many buttons-  he must have used his logic for the coordinates, layers order,  effect and  music.

Henry (6JD) has been finishing his online work each day , very speedy. Yesterday he planted some seeds so we can call this science

Monday 30th March

Aiden's newspaper report from 4A!

Finn's den from 6JD!

Eric, year 1, had a go at his sister’s Eva year 6 DT home learning.
Eva made lovely blueberry muffins all by herself. 
Eric retold a silly and scary accident we had at the weekend when the wind blew off a plant pot off. 

Nirodha has learnt a new board game - backgammon. He absolutely loves it! I think it’s because it involves lots of numbers and counting!

Chloe and Sam have been putting out a rainbow to brighten up the street.

Cooking and creativity by Sulaiman

Mohammad learning and helping with garden at new home property

Monty (2W) was inspired to make gingerbread men biscuits after reading the story of The Gingerbread Man last week. He wrote out the recipe then weighted all the ingredients. We talked about how the butter was melting and sugar dissolving as they heated up in the pan. Monty and his brother Charlie enjoyed cutting the biscuits out and decorating them with piped icing. He said "the best part was eating them...but not the tummy ache afterwards"!

Squashie cakes made by Alb yr 4.

Celia, in Nightingales, has made a drum kit out of junk modelling and also made a rainbow to display on her window.

Leo, 5Y, has been making animations!

Samir and Malik enjoying their soccer shooter live football session.

Some great phonics work

Ava-leigh is painting her rainbow for the NHS and has stuck it in our window! 

We took some time out on Friday for some therapeutic art!
This was from an art lesson on line from a Bristol artist.

Roderick, from Starlings, has been junk modelling from the recycling. A jetpack!

I just thought I would send in some pictures of what Xavier  (6B) and Salvador (4H) have been doing this last week.

As well as lots of reading they have completed all their school work, been very useful around the house and helped with their  little brother and done some painting and baking, watched  virtual tours of animals being fed at Chester Zoo and lots of exercise.

I have attached some pictures of their baking achievements (Chocolate shambles), art work, family tree and PE lessons with Joe Wicks.

This is a picture of Lola just about to eat her pancake. We found a classic pancake recipe on the BBC website and Lola helped to read out and measure the ingredients. She particularly loved the stirring to create the batter.
We going to try a blueberry pancake recipe next weekend! 

Jason in Starlings says it's never a bad time for cupcakes!

Rudra learnt to cook pasta and helped his mother in kitchen, as well as learning by mymaths and english.

Friday 27th March

Vivi Yeung from ladybirds made a kite in art time. It has pictures of Vivi, Mummy and Vivi's baby nephew. 

Ronnie has been really proud of himself this week. Showing off his maths skills. Setting himself targets and getting his family to test him.

On Friday, Ingrid Made an Easter garden. She collected some daisies and she decorated an egg shell to make a little vase for the flowers

Nirodha (2R) helped fix the lawnmower this afternoon and put the washing out! He’s so helpful around the house

Lucas has been busy painting his rainbow picture to display on the window. We love to look out for others as we take our daily walk around the block. He has also been smashing his multiplications on MyMaths and is looking forward to completing more.

Eric wrote two lovely poems.

Alice (4A) enjoyed writing instructions for making a pizza. She then helped her brother to make them for their evening meal. Yummy!

Thank you for your amazing team work! This is Jazmin`s work! She worked with me very well!

Thank you for your amazing team work! This is Armin`s, from 6JD, work! He worked with me very well!

Logan had been helping to water our plants.

Making Spiders

Róża / 3M Rainforest Toucan Watercolour painting.

Great drawing from Roderick in Starling Class

Mohamed 3M and Meriem K/F

More brilliant work from Ibrahim

We've decided our main topic for the rest of this term is nature. Evie has planted tomatoes, and is learning all about how to care for her new rabbits with her sister, Orla. Lockdown companions! Flopsy and Sniffles. 

Thursday 26th March

Niamh has made some gel tastic air fresheners! 

Eric (starlings) and Eva (6 JA) have worked very hard this week. 

Nils (Kingfishers) had a busy week. Nils has:
Been an explorer in the woods. 
Made a rainbow to put in the window to cheer up the people in the street. 
Had a picnic lunch in the garden. 
Made a face mask.... Perhaps useful for the NHS staff? 
Helped to make a cake for his BIRTHDAY!
On Thursday Maud built a fort for King Chuffy the First! (new puppy)

Fixing the bikes

Edie (6JD) practising her mental maths

This is the work that Leo and Wyatt from king fishers have done today . 

Here are a few shots of Toby with his triple choc cookies and Niamh with her play dough snakes and minibeasts.

Jamie, in Year 5, has been making bread in between chess problems, square roots, and Joe Wickes P.E. and garden show-jumping with Ola!

Chloe and Sam home learning consisted of tidying the gardening and PE with Joe Wicks!

Rosa, 4H, making rainbows to put in our windows to show we're all together even though we're all at home.

Maya and Rui home schooling efforts 2T & 5Y


I have made my own pizza during the cookery class at home.

Some lovely colouring and reading!

Billy's, also from 2R, wolf project!

Fin's, from 2R, wolf project!

Samir and Malik in year 3 have been doing their remote learning every day with great success! 

Bobbie and me have been learning flags of the world, dinosaur names and the jarassic era, telling the time and cake making skills.

Joshua has been doing the wolf story .

Leo's work from Nightingales!

Enzo is enjoying doing learning at home and lots of garden activities. Also enjoying yoga!

Ava-Leigh's baking!

Matilda with some wonderful art work!

 Tierra & her brother made pasta necklaces. Here is a picture of Tierra with her necklace.

Mai (ladybirds) made a new friend in the garden - a shield bug who she called Shield Leaf. She made him a house (a point if you can spot him) and later we made a picture of him.

Wednesday 25th March

Monty's daddy continues to work transporting essential foods as a lorry driver Monty wanted to make a lorry , so used card board boxes paints and glue to create his lorry.

Evie (4B) and Noah (kingfishers) (photo’s respectively) have been drawing plans for their own city’s today.

Laura and Emmanuel help tidy a elderly neighbour garden(from a little bit distance)

Millie got stuck into making mushroom stroganoff! Yummy!

Logan is working hard to do his home learning - but also is being a complete legend helping out at home and keeping up the family morale!

He has:
 - Done the dishes
 - Fed the cat
 - Cleaned up cat-sick
 - Led a guided meditation session
 - Given us massages
All without being asked! He's a really good boy, and definitely a Home lock-down Hero!

Ethan and Adam asked to learn some first aid. We drew fake wounds on each other and learned how to stop the flow of blood, apply antiseptic if it was dirty, and cover with a plaster or bandage.

Today Dorian made animals from orange skins - you had to peel it all in one! He made an elephant and a sea horse.

Our kids are sticking to the home learning so well.We are using the Dojo points app and they love it. 
Some pics of Eric (year1 Starlings) homework.
I was a bit shy about sending the pics...but thought the teachers would love to see we are doing it!

Jason in Starlings spent a lot time on this!

Mate's home school work!

P.E , clocks, make a band, food prep , maths and more!

Otto (2R) and his wolf, with his wolf fact file.

Today Benji (Kingfishers) made his kitten a play den. He painted it, stuck stickers on it and hung milk bottle lids and cut out fish and shapes for her to play with. Tiger loves it!

Some brilliant phonics and reading!

Every morning at 9:00 am Ali is enjoying P.E lessons with Joe
It’s a great beginning of the day !!

On Tuesday Oliver enjoyed doing some coding on Espresso and making meatballs for our tea which were delicious! We’ve also been enjoying Joe Wickes daily work out and Oliver claims to have an eight pack.

This is the way to do it!
Dennis reading, in a hammock swing, in the sun!

Mohamed enjoying reading story and Meriem enjoying drawing

Dot (2T) wrote the following descriptive paragraph using the adjectives on the word sheet.

“Wolves hunt in a fierce pack looking for food to eat. If there are lots of them, they are more terrifying and can hunt for bigger animals. They have sharp teeth and furry skin. People think wolves are EVIL!”

Martin 2W took the challenge to do some art work regarding the importance of washing hands.

Angela is recently reading a book in which she likes the character named Alice, so she drew a series of pictures of Alice.

On Tuesday, Ella (4A) made her first ever batch of scones. We ate them with strawberry jam and whipped cream and they were delicious! You can make scones using very little butter and you don’t need an egg - you can glaze them with milk. Good if you don’t have eggs and butter to spare!

Zeek learning about horse management... giving Eric a bath to ease horse’s skin  allergy 

Maida's writing!

Eva (3R) and Lyra (Starlings) doing science experiments at home.

Eric has been following the home learning and also done free flow activities after home school. 

Seth and Flora did an assault course in the garden. 

Edie has been learning about trees and getting up close to the spring buds through climbing them!

Miles and his little brother Archie have really been enjoying spending more time together. Each morning we’ve all been doing PE with Joe Wicks! Hope everyone is safe and well. Miles has been writing a story about him and his friend Edward being on an Arctic adventure! 

Ibrahim's maths.

Lucy and Dylan made some beautiful inspirational posters for people walking past. Dylan’s scarlet macaw says “smile, smile”. Lucy’s chameleon says “think of happy times. Things will change”. 
They also made bubble snakes with an old bottle and sock and some bubble solution they made. 

George (4H) made some bread. It didn't rise very much but we're blaming the yeast.

Matthew...Geography, jigsaw map of the world!

On Monday I read a book about castles and made a sword and shield.

On Tuesday I helped to make some bread.

Tom in 3LC has been up the Kapok Tree.

Louis (Dragonflies) making a bug hotel with his little sister in the garden yesterday.

Tuesday 24th March

Lewis planting some seeds in the garden!

Ingrid built a den in the woods today...

Reuben does the hoovering- whilst rocking out - wish I had this much fun!

Clara (Nightingales) wanted to teach her 3 year old little brother something from 'big school'. They chose to make life size portraits of themselves, like the one Clara did as an introduction to Reception last year. They giggled a lot, and we talked about all the things they liked - some of which we can still experience, and some of which will need to wait til after covid-19. Next we're going to try making a life size person and add in the internal organs with recycling stuff!

Getting Exercise!

We recruited an old UN colleague currently in Mali to explain Congo (DRC), coltan mining and gorillas over Skype to us!

Ned learned how to cook a chicken curry yesterday - we had it for supper and it was delicious. He's written out the recipe and ingredients from memory.

Ned’s chicken curry recipe


1. Get the pan thing

2. Olive oil in the pan thing

3. Chop onion and put it in the pan with the olive oil

4. Then put at least 2 different spices in the pan

5. Cut up some chicken fillets into bite size pieces

6. Put the chicken in the pan

7. Stir the stuff in the pan

8. Stir until chicken has browned

9. Put the curry sauce in the pan and stir

10. Then after some stirring put the chopped tomatoes in and stir

11. While that’s heating up a bit cook your rice up

12. Finally put the curry and the rice together in bowls and eat




1. Rice

2. Olive oil

3. Chicken fillets

4. Onion

5. Any spices

6. Curry sauce

7. Chopped tomatoes


By Ned Price

Fred's been learning how to hang up the washing and Will is scrubbing the fences ready to paint. They are charging 50p an hour - bargin !

Jaya, 4H, has been busy completing her MyMaths.

Ben, 6B, has discovered that an old sandpit in the garden is now a pond full of tadpoles. He is therefore researching the life cycle of a frog and will be keeping ‘field notes’ of their progress.

Holly for 2W and Ariella from Dragonflies have been learning about their bodies.


First they completed 2 puzzles about the bodies with interesting facts. We then drew around them on paper so they could relate the puzzles to their bodies.
They then tested the facts; if you hold your hands out as wide as possible, is the distance between your fingers really the same as your height? Almost!Is the distance between your elbow and your wrist really the same as the length of your foot?


Holly and Ariella then designed some clothes for themselves. Ariella learned how to plait her hair. 


Ariella labelled the parts of her body and Holly wrote some interesting facts as well.


And here’s the final results!

Mai from ladybirds has painted a plant pot and planted sunflower seeds in it.

As apart of home learning, Reem (Honeybees) draw life cycle of butterfly.

Niamh made her own pasta sauce from scratch!

Sophie (5B) says its not finished yet but we think it looks amazing!

Monday 23rd March

Darius has decided he wants to teach himself piano, completely his own idea and spent a long time on the piano on Friday working through exercises! Darius wants to say to anyone else who wants to give it a try " Just do it, it's easier than you think and you don't need to have a  keyboard its in the app Simply Piano."

Fred and Will have been embracing their inner Ben Grylls building a shelter and taking care of their chickens. 

Alisia has been busy making beautiful rainbows.

Edie made some vegan cookies and cream chocolate brownies from a BBC recipe all by herself. They were delicious! I helped with the oven but she did everything else. 

Some Ahmed's activities at home

First day's learning at home tasks included recycled plastic bottle bird feeder...
Cut to shape, decorate, add seed....

Nirodha created his first 3D puzzle today! He was absolutely engrossed in it and tinkered away at it during any spare moment he had. Well done!

Ingrid picked some wild garlic in the woods...

Made it into pesto...

And ate it! (Verdict...pasta would have been better without the pesto...)

We talked about orbits in the solar system today. We explained about the sun being in the centre and how the planets, on a stable orbit, will generally stay a stable distance from the sun. But a comet (!!!) can go very very far and come in very close to the sun! -Dorian, honeybee class